Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I have finally released Invaders : the gamebook for the Kindle. Unfortunately I could not arrange enough suitable illustrations in a timely fashion and so have elected instead to go with a non-illustrated version (though there are a small number of images in the book's introduction). Invaders was originally written in 1986 while I was in Japan, and was intended for inclusion in a short-lived Australian series of gamebooks planned by Puffin Australia (at least it was my intention that it should be included, ha ha). This series died quickly after the release of its first title. As to what the title of that book was, or indeed who wrote it, I cannot say. Clearly they should have led with Invaders instead ;)

I have always been a bit proud of Invaders, so I'm pleased to be able to get it out there for the reading pleasure of at least a handful of people.